Jane McKeown



Abstract After Miro

18×223 cms



The Artist:

Jane is a textile artist working with hand stitch; she uses the thread to create marks, line and patterns and translates her love of colour, texture, pattern, the feel of fabric and thread in her hands to her work through the needle.

She constantly struggles with the barriers between seen as a ‘Stitcher’ versus being seen as an artist. Her attempt to create work that will encourage the viewer to see her fabric and threads as a medium in the same way that other fine artists choose paint or clay.

Her work is strong and bold, stitching quirky narratives, still life, using the traditional inspiration of vases, domestic items and interiors, and more abstract pieces that allow the viewer to enjoy their own interpretations.

Maps and cityscapes provide her with ideas, creating compositions through careful consideration of the placement of simple, diagrammatic block forms.

E: mckeown_jane@yahoo.co.uk

W: www.janemckeown.co.uk

T: 01483 424973


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