JOIN Guildford Arts and make a direct contribution to the promotion and development of the arts scene across Guildford and the surrounding area.

Guildford Arts is a charity dedicated to improving public participation in the rich offerings of art – in all its varieties – that are available in Guildford and beyond.

Through our small grants scheme we seek to support arts initiatives that will enhance that offering …… and our innovative web site development – – is contributing directly to the growth of public awareness of arts events.

Your subscription will make a most welcome addition to the limited funds at our disposal.


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Guildford Arts offers  seven different categories of membership.

Ordinary / Joint Ordinary (£10 / £20 pa)

Life / Joint Life (£100 / £150 single payment)

Organisation (£20 pa)

Practitioner (£15 pa)

Young Member (£5 pa)

Annual Memberships run from September 1st to August 31st.

Memberships that are initiated in the period September 1st to March 31st become renewable on the following September 1st. Memberships initiated in the period April 1st to August 31st become renewable on September 1st of the following year.


  1. Regular mailings from Guildford Arts containing information about the local arts scene and copies of Guildford Arts newsletter “News & Views”.
  2. Invitations to all Private Viewings of Exhibitions of Art arranged by Guildford Arts – Yvonne Arnaud Art and Art@Clyde&Co. These include wine and refreshments.
  3. The ability to maintain personal details on the Guildford Arts website if you provide an email address.
  4. The ability to post ‘articles’ – Press Releases, Exhibition Details, Invitations to Join Choirs / Art Groups etc.
  5. The ability to ‘post’ brief reviews of recent arts events on the Guildford Arts website.
  6. The knowledge that you are supporting arts initiatives through the Guildford Arts small grants scheme and the innovative arts promotion website – designed and funded by Guildford Arts.
  7. Voting rights at the Guildford Arts AGM.

ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP fee: £10 (Annually): To join, click HERE

(Note: Online payments are made through PayPal by Credit Card or PayPal account.)

JOINT ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP fee: £20 (For two members residing at the same address) : To join, click HERE

(Prefer to join OFFLINE: Click HERE )

LIFE MEMBERSHIP is ‘for ever’, is non-transferable and is available for a single member for a fee of £100, or for two members residing at the same postal address as JOINT LIFE MEMBERSHIP for a fee of £150: To take out single LIFE MEMBERSHIP, click HERE or, for JOINT LIFE MEMBERSHIP click HERE

(Prefer to join OFFLINE: Click HERE )

Practitioner, Organisation and Young Members:

BENEFITS: In addition to those enjoyed by all members

  1. Organisation, Practitioner and Young Members are able to maintain a personalised public profile (including images) on the Guildford Arts web site,
  2. Additionally, Organisation Members are able to include flyers in our regular mailings (Circulation of approximately 500) for a fee of £45 per mailing.
  3. Organisation Members may also nominate a second named person to receive Guildford Arts mailings.

… and we provide a support service to all members who may wish to place material on the site but may not be sure how best to go about it. Email:

ORGANISATION MEMBER (Recognised ‘arts’ group, arts promoter or venue.): £20

To register click HERE

PRACTITIONER MEMBER (Practising artist of any kind): £15

To register click HERE

YOUNG MEMBER (Individual or groups comprise young people up to 25 years of age or in full time education.): £5

To register click HERE

Prefer to register OFFLINE – click HERE

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