Roger Aslin

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I am a full time artist based in Surrey. During 2016 I had a solo show at the Hay Hill Gallery, London. I also have a history of showing in various group exhibitions including the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize and the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries.

Statement / Description / Article:

My practice explores two key areas - the figure and the urban environment. During walks through the city I take images on camera or phone, later to be refined and honed digitally in the studio before commencing painting on paper, board or canvas.  The resulting works shows urban life in dramatic colour and shade, emphasizing structure and form. This further develops the 19th century idea of the Flaneur - the observer of contemporary urban life, the ultimate urban explorer, made the object of scholarly interest in the 20th century by Walter Benjamin, based on the work of Baudelaire. Honore de Balzac described flanerie as ‘the gastronomy of the eye’. My solo show ‘Urban Narratives’ further developed these themes, showing many works from my urban series.


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