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Owen Osler

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Brief Description:

The examples of my work provided here for Guildford Arts fall into two categories, figuration and landscape. Two main themes of my work centre on human relationships and experience. I am interested in what it means to be a particular person in a particular situation. This might reveal some common truths, some universality.

The images of landscape are my responses to place, centring on the mood or atmosphere I have perceived in the various locations which motivated the paintings.

To see further examples of my work, including three dimensional pieces, photography and collage please visit “The Chronicle Gallery” at

Statement / Description / Article:

When working on a piece motivated by landscape or townscape Owen is not trying to reproduce a faithful representation of the subject. He is trying instead to make an image that attempts to present some aspect of the subject. This maybe the emotional atmosphere or mood he feels exists in a particular place. Alternatively the work might be concerned with the experience of looking, how perspective shifts within our visual field, how distance and closeness continually move.

The drawings he has exhibited in this exhibition have all been made within the last six months. The two large charcoal drawings “Flying” and ‘Daydream” were inspired by a stay in Polruan, a small village in Cornwall. The three smaller pencil drawings “Inside outside’ “In-between” and “St Martha’s” are based on views from or near his house in Guildford.



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