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Fabiola Knowles

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Fabiola Knowles is an artist-printmaker who creates original prints, individually by hand, using traditional tools and techniques. She uses a variety of methods including collagraph, silk screen, dry point, lino cut and mono printing. Her work is mostly figurative but she enjoys the exploration of abstraction that can be seen in her monotypes and collagraphs.


Fabiola has been exploring the texture and viscosity of inks to interpret the land and sea. She is interested in the effects light has on a subject and the patterns that are hidden in the world around us. Although she loves colour, her work often employs a limited palette. Fabiola draws inspiration mainly from plants and the open landscapes of the local area, however, more recently her work has seen a return to still life.

Fabiola does not seek to challenge the viewer but draw them in and share a sense of quiet enjoyment.


No website at the moment but on Facebook and Instgram

M: 07960 427720




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