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Jill Sutcliffe

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Brief Description:

I have has always been passionate about working with clay, it's therapeutic qualities inspire me to create. Most of my work is driven by life, emotion, form and nature. Each of my pieces reflect positive energy and movement, taking the inanimate and bringing it to life. My ‘Spike’ and ‘Flight series are built on a base form which I use as a blank canvas. The spikes are my brush strokes. Each one is individually pulled then attached to the body and manipulated to create a natural flow. All pieces are hand built and unique. Because of the complexity of my forms I use the pouring method to glaze which is unpredictable, always, adding further excitement to the final piece. Most of my work is made from stoneware making them frost resistant, allowing them to live inside and out. They are beautiful individual natural forms that enhance gardens and homes. I will be exhibiting my most recent work, “Landscape & Ocean” alongside my “Spike” series at Battersea Affordable Art Fair, (18-22 October) Art@Clyde&Co Guildford, (11Nov-Feb 10) and Wimbledon Art Studios, (November 16-19)

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