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Gill Denyer

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Brief Description:

I am a textile artist working mainly with vintage and recycled materials - fabric, lace, paper. I create small sculptures, bowls and canvases based on natural organisms.

Statement / Description / Article:

Gill is a local textile artist who has lived and worked in the Guildford area for over 40 years. Having always been creative from an early age, when her children had grown up, she was able to return to sewing, starting with patchwork and then moving on to a variety of techniques and materials.

Over the last year, Gill has been experimenting with print and hand dye techniques and uses the resulting fabrics to make small stitched bowls.

She is inspired by her background in Biology to create small sculptures from vintage materials based on flora and fauna.

Gill also designs and makes colourful metallic pictures that she stitches and melts. Having created many pictures based on Russian architecture she is currently working on a series of fish designs!


M: 07452 961663

T: 01483 961663


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