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David Fernleigh

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Brief Description:

I make pictures using both analogue and digital means to (hopefully) convey feeling and worth. Being interested in processes I take, develop, print and mat my own photographs as well mounting them in frames I have constructed and finished by hand, typically from traditional raw materials.

Statement / Description / Article:

David makes photographic images and frames. His artistic focus is upon the support and rejuvenation that he feels comes from place, land and atmosphere. Although his interests and influences are eclectic, within the photographic tradition he is inspired by the Pictorialist movement and perhaps the more abstract street photography of the 1950’s and 60’s, although this is not necessarily reflected in his current work. His recent experiments have tended to include old film cameras, woodland and mist.

\"With the pace of modern life ever quickening I find that I\'m looking for a sense of stillness, dare I say it, grace. For me this translates to a kind of photographic version of a “slow food” approach to the initial image capture, then development by hand, scanning, printing, matting and framing, all with an emphasis on the value of craftsmanship and a healthy allowance for the judicious inclusion the accidental\"

David was born and grew up in Surrey and is entirely self taught having no formal artistic education. He has made his way through a variety of occupations including periods as a gardener, chef, musician, as an acoustic engineer, and only recently (and partially) through his imagery.

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