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While still a student, Sinclair participated in group shows and held one-man exhibitions in Nairobi, in Ypres and Roeselare in Flanders, in Cambridge and in Edinburgh.

After working as an architect designing large hospitals here and abroad, Sinclair has now returned to painting and drawing full time, enjoying the dialogue between the image and the artist, with the pleasure of immediate results.

Most of his work features people and animals in landscapes with which he has become familiar, whether in Africa, Sussex or Yorkshire, and some arise out of religious beliefs.

His interest in animals began when he was living in East Africa as a child and young man, and he sought to catch the essence of the animals he saw every day. An image arising out of an encounter would be demand to be set down. Some images are retained for years and there is a dialogue between memory and the way the image wants to express itself on paper or canvas. Others recur and find different forms depending on the medium used. He acknowledges the influence of German and Flemish expressionists on his work.

He now lives in North Surrey and in addition to painting he enjoys outdoor pursuits in the Surrey hills, allowing him to restock his images of the land and wildlife around him.

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